Sales  TX2-TX4-VITOS


Step 1.Trade sale-no warranty-sold as seen.

Step 2.Passed & plated or ready for council test with no warranty and driver to pay for PCO test or MOT and TAX.

Step 3.Passed & plated,1/2/3 year warranty depending on age of vehicle.The taxi comes with all bodywork done,new battery,new discs,pads,balljoints,TRE,carpets front & rear,meter & printer for the 1st year,12 months tax,PCO fee paid,new tyres,new chrome number plate surrounds,chrome hubcaps ,new weather shields,steam & paint,presented for test at the PCO.

We always have plenty of ex london working taxis available / used TX2s and TX4s

please call 0208 391 1600 for more info


Finance available from 6%

This depends on the age of the taxi and your credit history. With rates starting from 6.00% you can't go wrong,we will try our best to get you the best taxi package that suits your outgoings. 


TX1, TXII & TX4 for sale

Fairways for sale

Metro Cabs for sale